How to Tune Up a Mazda

Your Mazda new car will give you many years of reliably flawless performance and excellent gas mileage when you take the time to tune it up. The following are some simple tips on how to tune your Mazda’s engine.

Fuel and Air Delivery

Your Mazda new car won’t go anywhere if it doesn’t get clean fuel and air. If your fuel filter is getting dirty, you’ll need to change it, and the same goes for your air filter. Your oxygen sensor also needs to be changed every couple of years, along with the PVC valve.

Ignition System

You can’t have internal combustion without spark. You need to change the spark plugs on your Mazda about every 30,000 miles, depending on the type of plugs used. If your spark plug wires are cracked or dried out, those need to be replaced, too. Your distributor and rotor also will need to be changed every few years for optimal performance.

Mazda_engineCooling System

Heat is the number one worst enemy of any car engine, and your Mazda is no different. That means you need to ensure it has good oil and coolant and the cooling fan works properly. Changing your oil and oil filter every 5,000 miles and flushing and filling your coolant every other year keeps things cool. You also need to check your fan belt and hoses to ensure they are in good condition.

Charging and Electrical

Many who own a new Mazda car and other vehicles often overlook their charging and electrical systems. You need to ensure your battery has plenty of power and your alternator will recharge it when running. Many places offer free battery testing to ensure your battery is in good condition. Your alternator and alternator belt also need to be in good shape.

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