Car Entertainment Systems: Smart, Powerful, Evolving

Lincoln has added the outstanding sound of Revel audio speakers to their luxury car lineup. Revel has been offering excellent home audio systems for the discriminating audiophile since 1996 and is known for the quality speaker designs used in Harmon audio systems. The goal of Lincoln is to reproduce the sound of the premium home audio system in vehicles.

Total Sound Experience

The Revel engineers have worked with Lincoln from the beginning of vehicle design to ensure the speakers are placed properly to give the best quality of sound reproduction for each model. The tweeters and mid-range speakers are designed to blend the sound so every individual part of the musical range can be heard by your passengers just as in your home system. This effect can be heard at all volume settings. Lincoln has designed speaker grilles to match with each type of vehicle for an elegant appearance and all Revel speakers are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.

car entertainment systemLincoln and Revel Technology

Lincoln’s reputation for quality is shared by Revel and demonstrated in this collaboration. Three sound options are controlled by a state-of-the-art touch screen. The traditional stereo sound mode, an Audience option, which duplicates a live concert sound, and a surround-sound setting that puts instrument sounds at all locations in the vehicle giving an on-stage effect to your listening experience. The attention to detail of the design provides you and your passengers with sound quality that is unique for a vehicle system. The quiet ride of the Lincoln combined with Revel audio precision gives unequal musical quality in a vehicle.

The quality of Lincoln vehicles is a perfect match with the technical perfection of Revel audio equipment. Visit your local Lincoln car dealer today and experience this outstanding system for yourself.

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