The Pros & Cons of Leather Seats

Buying a pre-owned vehicle comes down to much more than year, make, and model these days.  You can make some selections regarding color, accessories, and options… including interior options.

Interior Options for Pre-Owned Vehicle Shoppers

Lincoln Mazda of OlympiaYou have most probably heard many differing opinions about car interior options.  Car buyers have a variety of options available to them today, even with purchasing vehicles from pre-owned car dealerships.  These options range from power automation to mobile device synchronization and on-board monitoring systems.

Among these various available options, you can also select a pre-owned vehicle with leather seats.  However, while some people who are in the market for a pre-owned car might view leather seats as a premium option, other car purchasers might see leather seating as a problem.

The Cons of Leather Seating

What vehicle buyers should keep in mind about leather seats is sensitivity.  Leather seats are sensitive to exposure of extremes.  Too much sunlight or heat exposure and leather seats can show serious signs of damage.  Additionally, untreated leather seats can also be sensitive to stains.  Aside from an occasional spill, an ink pen or uncapped tube of lipstick can leave a stain that may not be able to get out easily.  Leather seats are highly sensitive and once they are damaged, repairs or replacement of leather seating can come at a high cost.

The Pros of Leather Seating

Leather seating offers both comfort and style.  Leather seats give some drivers the feel of being in the lap of luxury.  Such seating provides a sense of exquisite taste and an air of pride.  Treating leather seats is one preventive measure to insure your investment is one that continues to look its best; and that can include a stain guard.  Leather seats also add to a higher resale price tag.

To learn more about your interior options, contact one of your favorite local pre-owned car dealership in Olympia – Lincoln & Mazda of Olympia.

Lincoln & Mazda of Olympia

Your Trusted Local New and Used Car Dealership!!!

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