How to Keep Leather Seats from Cracking

Lincoln of OlympiaOnce you start to notice the leather seats in your vehicle showing small signs of cracking and drying, the problem seems to get worse quickly. At that point, you will need to act fast to prevent a major leather repair. The regular care of the leather in your automobile is crucial in preventing these problems before repairs are necessary.

How to protect new leather in your vehicle

  • Keep the seats clean by vacuuming to remove abrasive dirt particles that may damage the leather. The dirt can buildup and scratch the seats eventually causing cracks and rubbing off the leather conditioner.
  • Clean before applying a conditioner. Some people use a damp cloth and others prefer professional-grade leather cleaner. If you opt for the cleaner, be sure to use one of good quality that is not made from silicone oils or petroleum solvent. Also, avoid using abrasive soaps. A clean soft cloth should be used to avoid scratches.
  • The next step is to apply a high quality leather conditioner. Cheap conditioners can cause more damage and are not worth the money. A better option is to use a good conditioner even if you space out the times further between treatments. Your seats will look better and last much longer without cracking and fading.
  • Purchasing leather seat covers is another option, but mostLincoln of Olypmia owners prefer to display the original seats and consider this cheapening the vehicle. However today, there are very good quality seat covers available in all colors and styles.

There are kits available for repairing leather damage, but this is not recommended unless you have experience with these types of repairs. The result can easily look worse if not done correctly.

Consider visiting your local Lincoln car dealership and see the beautiful leather interiors available in the new model Lincolns.

Lincoln of Olympia

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