Car Shocks & Oil Leaks

Oil leaks and faulty shocks are two common areas that can develop problems and require you to have vehicle service. Some oil leaks are easy to spot and other require a thorough inspection. A minor oil leak may take years to become a major problem. The best option is to get the problem repaired as soon as possible.

Common sources of vehicle oil leaks

  • The oil filter – A filter that is not completelyLincoln Mazda of Olympia tightened or cross-threaded can produce a leak. This is a problem that should be corrected quickly. In a short time, you can lose most of your oil endangering the motor of seizing or other major repair.
  • The drain plug – This is also a problem that needs to be fixed quickly. Oil can drain quickly from the drain if the plug falls off completely.
  • The filler cap – This usually is not the source of the problem, but a cracked cap may cause a change in oil pressure and lead to a leak while running the motor.
  • Leaking valve cover gasket – A qualified mechanic should repair a gasket problem to ensure the valve covers are not warped and there are no other engine malfunctions.

Shock and strut problems

Lincoln Mazda of OlympiaReplacing shocks and struts is not a repair that you should do yourself if you are not a qualified mechanic. A vehicle that nose-dives when the brakes are applied and a front end that rises during acceleration, are two signs that the shocks are worn out. A feeling of body roll or generally poor driving ability is reason to get an inspection of the shocks and front end.

Today’s vehicles have computer control and many options. The best alternative for vehicle service is to have a professional diagnose these types of problems and perform your vehicle service.

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