Car Antenna Toppers – Some Simple Suggestions

Some people might think of car antennas as a thing of the past.  With the advent and emergence of satellite radio and the mobile technology interface of many new cars these days, car antennas are almost a vintage item like wood side paneling.  However, if you still have a car antenna, you can definitely add some flair to your car with car antenna toppers.

Add Some Style and Make a Statement with Car Antenna Toppers

Fairway Motors YelmCar antenna toppers are one way to dress up car antennas beyond the norm.  Also known as car antenna balls, these decorative items can add some personalized style to your vehicle as well as make a statement. You can accessorize your car with car antennas and show off your own personal style to all passersby.

Car Antenna Topper Suggestions Courtesy of Fairway Motors Yelm

Here are some suggestions for car antenna topper from Fairway Motors Yelm:

  • Sports Teams: Nothing makes a statement like your favorite sports team’s colors and logo on display.
  • Cartoon Characters and Icons: Whether it is a Mickey Mouse or Angry Birds image, even a Hello Kitty face, everyone will know
  • Happy Faces and Smiles:  Smileys and emoticons are familiar images to those who are tech savvy with email and text messages.  They share anything from a happy face to a gritted teeth scowl.

Think about different ways to show your own personalized style.  You can always add something new like a car antenna topper to keep your car making a statement, even if it is just a traditional happy face.

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