Body Kits- The Quick and Dirty

Body kits aren’t for everyone.  But for those seeking to have their car stand out from the crowd they can make a huge statement without having to say anything.

Let’s face facts.  Body kits are primarily cosmetic.  They won’t likely make your car faster, improve your self-esteem issues, or probably get you a date.  What they can do is add a fresh new look to an otherwise average looking car.

car body kitBody kits usually change the look of the hood, sides, fenders, bumpers, spoiler, and even the doors of a car.  Some kits create a smooth, sleek look to a car where others create harsh lines giving a car a more aggressive look, other kits give added features and styling to a vehicle giving it a personal feel and look.

We know what your next question is.  Okay, how much do they cost?  Prices, not including install and paint, can start around $400. Expect install to cost at least $200 and paint at least $300.  Some kits are sold as one whole package.  Some can be purchased individually.

Finally, don’t try to install your body kit yourself. Bring your car into a credible body shop or your local dealer.  Make sure they guarantee their work and that they understand your style and needs. Take the time to do it right and you’re likely to get the results you want.

For this and other tips check out our other articles in the blog or visit us on the web at  If you have tips you’ve found helpful regarding body kits and the like join the conversation and leave a comment!  For new and used car dealers you can trust, come to Mazda of Olympia.

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