How to Fix a Pothole

potholeThis week we decided to stray a little from our usual subjects to bring you some practical advice on how to tackle one of the banes of man’s existence; a thorn in the proverbial side of nature; of course we are talking about the pothole.

It might seem like a little thing, but driving into a pothole can do a lot of damage to your car’s system of balance. For one, it can throw off your steering alignment. For another, it can damage your tire or wheel rim. If left unattended these things can get worse—a lot worse.

So, now that we have covered the consequences of not repairing the tire trapping chasm let’s get on to what to do about them:

  • First, go to your local home repair store and pick up a bag of permanent pavement repair material. These innovations have turned this job that once only a professional could do into a do-it-yourself project.
  • Second, remove debris in and around the pothole. No you don’t have to sweep the dirt clean, just get the big chunks out and away so they won’t interfere with the patch you’re about to put in place.
  • Third, apply the repair material about 1 ½ to 2 inches at a time making sure that you tamp, stamp, or shovel slap that material down. Repeat this process until the hole is filled. The key is in the tamping. The more compressed the material is, the better the patch will be.
  • Finally, once the hole is filled drive over the spot for additional compression.       Note: most of these materials are a slow cure style of pothole repair. These types of pothole filling material can take up to six months to actually “cure” even though the product will most likely allow you to drive over it immediately.

See and you thought this was going to be hard didn’t you! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Your spouse and your neighborhood will thank you.

For these and other great tips visit us on the web at or call us direct: 888-494-3355. Mazda of Olympia is your trusted source for new and used cars.

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