Fog Lights – Get Out of the Fog

Many people wonder if fog lights are really worth the investment. Others view fog lights as nothing more than an expense they wish they hadn’t paid for. Still others see them as a necessary part of car safety equipment.

There are more kinds of fog lights out there on the market than ever. Some are called fog lights, others “driving lights” and so on.

The point is that fog lights should be for just that, fog. If you live in an area where fog is a consistent issue during most or part of the year, then you might consider getting fog lights.

Almost everyone who has experienced driving in the fog has noticed that it is not wise to turn on car in fogyour full beam headlights. This is because the light bounces off the misty water droplets in the air and reflecting that light right back at you!

Fog lights are designed to illuminate the areas closest to the ground. The logic is quite simple, since we shouldn’t enhance the light above the hood of the car, what if we light the areas below the hood?

Fog lights work best when they are pointed downward. Some people install their fog lights themselves and accidentally have them pointing upwards, not only defeating the point of the fog lights, but blinding oncoming traffic in the process!

There is large debate over whether or not your fog lights should emit yellow or white light. Proponents of yellow light suggest that yellow light has a longer wavelength and therefore is less likely to reflect. Studies have shown there is really no benefit to yellow lights, so it’s really up to you.

Bottom line, fog lights aren’t necessary for those that don’t live in areas prone to fog. For those who do live in coastal areas and others where fog happens regularly fog lights is largely a matter of personal preference. Whether or not they are of benefit is up to you. Our only advice is to make sure those lights are pointed in the right direction—down.

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