Colors of Road Signs and What They Mean

It’s incredible to think that we drive by tens if not hundreds of road signs daily. Signs to give us directions, signs reminding us of the speed limit, signs that help us plan to enter and exit a freeway—all for our benefit.

Did you know that there is actually a color coding system that goes along with these signs? We’re not making this up. Lucky for you, most signs can be broken down into six categories:

Regulatory: These signs tell you what to do and where to go. They are not suggestions, they are demands. This includes, but is not limited to, stop signs, speed limit signs, one way, directional, no parking, traffic signals, and weight limits. Regulatory signs are usually red and/or black on white.Road Sign

Warning: These signs are usually yellow or orange and warn you of changes in the road such as a fork, winding roads, road narrowing/shoulder limitations, steep hills, pavement conditions, etc. Orange indicates work zones.

Marker: This category includes route markers, junction signs, alternate route signs, and cardinal direction signs that tell you north, south, east, or west. These signs are mainly blue and red, green and white, or black and white.

Information and Guidance: These are your typical freeway signs of white lettering on a green background giving us a heads up on what exits are coming and how far till we should arrive at that exit.

Recreation: White lettering on a brown background. They often have characters depicting recreation such as boating, skiing, as well as accommodations being offered.

Services: Typically White lettering on a blue background– Self-explanatory—identify service stops, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

Traffic signs are there for your benefit. Be sure to test your knowledge while you’re out there on the road next time. Who knows, you might just be able to teach someone about the signs they pass by every day with no thought of how those signs help them in their daily lives.

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